Pros and Cons of Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated construction is an easier method of construction where all the components are factory-made and set up on-site to build a structure. Prefab technology is amazing as it has many benefits.

Easy assembly

Each component of the prefabricated structure is manufactured in the factory and is transported to the construction site, where all the components are assembled. They offer flexibility, which means they can be assembled and disassembled based on your requirement. Not confined to one location but many locations, prefabricated structures are designed to blend in easily with your facility. These structures also help in expanding your space and give more room when needed.


A modular building is a viable option for more people because it is available in a wide range of price ranges and budgets. Since manufacturers buy in bulk, they often get bulk discounts, which they sometimes pass on to customers. If you combine these savings with the time savings mentioned earlier, prefabricated structures are an absolute steal when it comes to financial savings.

Faster construction

The time taken to manufacture prefabricated structures is comparatively less compared to the traditional method of on-site construction. You can manage timelines more efficiently with prefabrication during your busy schedules. The outdoor weather factors do not affect the construction as they are manufactured under a controlled environment making it quicker and easier. As the construction time is shorter, it allows you to simultaneously work on multiple projects at a time.

Eco friendly

Traditional construction methods use more materials which lead to waste and inefficiency. Modular construction is often commended for its energy efficiency and sustainability. Due to the factory environment of prefabricated sub-assemblies, excess materials can be recycled in-house. This is significantly better than bringing construction waste directly to a landfill. Furthermore, the factory environment allows more precise construction and increases energy efficiency.

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