Light Gauge Steel Frame, a construction technology using cold-formed steel as the primary material, is one of the newer construction technologies that rely primarily on steel for the production of state-of-the-art building solutions. It can be used for roof systems, wall systems, floor systems, decks, roof panels as well as the entire building. Due to its inherent advantages, cold-formed steel is quickly becoming the most popular material of choice in India for low to mid-rise construction.

Why use light gauge steel structures?


By using prefabricated and preassembled steel components, construction costs remain within reasonable limits and waste is greatly reduced.


This system can be built in a shorter period of time than a conventional system.

Strong but Lightweight

Despite its strength-to-weight ratio, steel is the lightest construction material, which allows it to do so with fewer foundations and provide easier handling on-site.


In any part of the country, houses can be designed to meet the highest earthquake and wind load specifications because steel's inherent strength and noncombustible nature make it ideal for handling fires, earthquakes, and hurricanes.

Design Flexibility

Because of its strength, steel can span longer lengths, offering larger open spaces and increased design flexibility without requiring intermediate columns or load bearing walls. Remodeling can be easily accomplished. Non-load bearing walls can be readily relocated, removed or altered.


All steel products are recyclable.

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