With people reinventing a housing style and relishing it as well, ship container architecture is gaining more popularity. Due to their modular nature, shipping containers have become very popular with architects in the last decade. From university porters' lodges to parking attendant booths and homes, container construction has produced a wide range of buildings, including housing complexes, hotels and coffee shops.

1. Affordable

One of the most enticing reasons to think about shipping container houses is their affordability. Issuing a mortgage on a used container is much more affordable than buying a house in the cheapest area of a city.

2. Easy to Use and construct

Compared with traditional houses, which can take up to 6 months to build and require high labor costs and hiring contractors, a shipping container house can be built in just one month. Buying a prefabricated home from firms that specialize in this is a good idea because most of the work is already done.

3. They Are Mobile

Container buildings also have the benefit of being able to be built offsite and transported to your desired location when completed. You can also relocate a container home as needed.

4. They are Durable

The containers are built with high-quality materials and great expertise to fit their use and withstand weather conditions. Building a home from shipping containers will ensure safety from harsh weather conditions, making this choice better than the traditional housing solutions.

5. Environment friendly

If you choose to reuse a container, you are actually saving the environment as in case of no better use of such containers, their steel is retrieved to be used again and that process takes a lot of energy.

6. Personal style statement

While container ship homes do have all the benefits above, the biggest benefit is that you can definitely get what you need and also stand out from the crowd making a style statement. Container ships make a great home design, after all.

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